What is Rosewood?

Rosewood is a tropical dense hardwood.  It has beautiful grains pattern, very stable and durable.  In Biological term, its Genus is Pterocarpus, and its Species is Macrocarpus.

Where is the country of origin?

Tropical rainforests in Thailand, Burma, and Lao.

How to treat Rosewood before making furniture?

We have modern equipment.  The wood is kiln dried with hot boiling stream in the chambers.  We keep the moisture content in the furniture about 12% for selling in the United States that prevent the chances of cracking and shrinking.

How to make a product?

We have modern equipment from Germany, Italy and Japan for cutting the raw rosewood.  We use these equipments and high speed routers to make furniture by interlocking method, but not using nails.  Therefore, the furniture is very strong and is long lasting.  All carving work is done by hand with wood gouges by our experienced craftsmen.

How to do the color finishing?

We use natural lacquer - an old Chinese predecessor, produced from the "Lacquer Tree" in mainland China.  This kind of lacquer is expensive but is the best method to do the color finishing.  Furniture can then be colored as natural, dark, or various colors.  As the lacquer is natural, furniture is easy to be cleaned by water, or water cloth.  No Chemical Detergents is necessary.

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