History of our Factory

42 years Experience - We operate our factory in Hong Kong since 1976.  In order to have greater production, we moved our factory to mainland China in 1983.  We are the wholesaler and the retailer.  The countries we wholesale now or have wholesaled includes United States, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, East Asia, Singapore, France, England and more.
Custom Made Furniture - We custom made furniture for our wholesaler and retail customers.  We can design the style of furniture that fit your needs.  All special orders are especially worked by our professional craftsmen and they can be arrived from China to United States within 6 - 8 weeks.  If furniture is in stock, we can contact with our furniture movers for immediate shipping schedule as possible.

Store Information

21 years Experience - We are the wholesaler and retailer.  Oakland showroom was opened since November 22, 1997, which has 20,000 square feet, displays the vast collection of solid rosewood furniture and gifts.
Address: 316-332 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94607 Website: http://www.sfrosewood.com
Tel: 510-835-2832    Fax: 510-835-5269 Email: sfrosewood@yahoo.com 

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Store Policy

Freight Charges (within 48 contiguous U.S. states) - Besides the gift items (wall plaques, screens, jewelry boxes, etc.), the heavy rosewood furniture is handled and delivered by the trucking company.  You can email us:
     1. the item# (s) you like to purchase,
     2. the zip code you like the furniture be shipped.
and we can calculate the shipping charges, and get back to you the quote.
The freight charge is calculated and discounted proportionally for purchasing multiple items at the same time.
Freight Charges (outside United States) - For international sales, we suggest that you can take a container (20', 40' or 45') to ship the furniture, usually this method is cheaper than using the international shipping freight companies.  Click the linkage international sales to get more information.
Secured Ordering - We utilize the secured network services of PayPal.com.  They provide secured shopping system.  This system is secured and is very easy to order via our secured order form.  Therefore, our customers can order the furniture items with 100% safety.  Fore more information.
Shipping Services - We know several furniture trucking companies.  We received the highest discount from those furniture movers.  If you have any questions about the shipping and handling charges for multiple items, please email us and we will give you the free estimate shortly.

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